To avoid web users to connect to the web application to view the data on dashboards, you can set some reports to be sent automatically by email.

To do this, go to the environment section, then the email subsection.

Once in this section, click on + to create a new email report

  • Email report Title: the subject of the email that the user will receive

  • Email report body:

    • the content of the email. Use HTML tags to structure like <br>, </br> for line breaks

    • to insert queries, use this syntax $queryname$


  • Users to receive the report: select the web users who should receive the report

  • Frequency: Select at what frequency the report should be sent

  • Date range: On what date range the dashboard will apply, this week, this month, etc

  • Start date/time: when the emailing should start

  • Queries: the actual queries to display. Each query is defined with a tag and a name

Only scorecards and tables are supported currently to be included in these reports