With this feature automate the sending of emails with KPI.

How to set up

In the Environment section select “Notifications”

  • Click on the + icon at the top right

  • On the pop-up menu please provide the following;

    • Title of the report i.e Daily usage, Teams sales value, etc

    • Destination type - Select email

    • Email body - The email body should be written in HTML language. If you are not conversant with HTML please use online text to HTML converters i.e Link

      • The content of the email. Use HTML tags to structure like <br>, </br> for line breaks

      • To insert queries, use this syntax $queryname$

    • Web Users to receive the report

    • Frequency: Select at what frequency the report should be sent

    • Date range: On what date range the dashboard will apply, this week, this month, etc

    • Start date/time: when the emailing should start

    • End date/time: When the automated emails should end

    • Queries: the actual queries to display. Each query is defined with a tag and a name. The SQL queries can be filtered by team and user so the recipient only receives what is relevant for him.

    • KPI will be sent in the format of scorecard or tables.

Once you have defined the above, click on CREATE at the bottom left to save.

Example of a table sent by email.

The recipient of an email notification can unsubscribe from the report received on the email.