A toolbox to build custom submission tables on the WebApp using SQL. For reasons of confidentiality, the data has been anonymized.


Submission table without custom SQL query

On the workflow section, clicking on one workflow will fetch the submissions made for this workflow. The submission table is automatically created with the following information : _id, _completed_at and _user_name.
Clicking on the download button will download the workflow table without any formatting.

(put a screenshot of 1 submission table)


Submission table without custom SQL query

If the client needs to access to a raw data table with specific information / formats (for example, quantity filled in the matrix per product name), there is an option to write a custom SQL query for the submission table.


The custom SQL query is stored in the client profile in the field “Workflow query”.


It is the same component as the usual table (see how to write the query for the table component here).


For a client with multiple workflows, you can use ‘$param1$’ in you query to :

  • Either refer to the workflow table

  • Either refer to the workflow id


For a workflow with a workflow id = ieoapdmsllqidp, the ‘$param1$’ in the following query will be replaced by w_ieoapdmsllqidp





In the following query, the parameter ‘$param1$’ will be replaced by ieoapdmsllqidp




(Example of Amarante query + result in the submission table)