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To use the chart builder, you need to toggle on the option “Use field?” when you want to create a chart in a dashboard:

There is still the option to write custom SQL queries by toggling off this option “Use fields?”

Step 1: define the source

The source table can be chosen among all the existing tables (workflows, lists, system tables, transformation tables, …). The section source table will display the different options you can select for the environment you are in.

It will ensure consistency between the different charts.

Step 2: define the filters

Standard filters

Filters are implemented in the filters section. For each filter (date/team/user), you can select the corresponding field in your source table by clicking on the + button on the right.

The options displayed are the column names in the table you selected. The fields are selected by clicking on the + button on the right.

For the users and teams filters, you need to select the user id or the team id. If you select another field, for example the name, the filter won’t give you the expected result.

Custom filters

Step 3: create the charts



Horizontal bar chart