A dashboard based on an item is a dashboard on which the data is filtered by an item from a specific list. This is a mobile-only dashboard.

For now, the dashboards based on an item are designed for the Customer card. On the mobile app, you can find it in the “Activity” section when you select a specific place from the map or from the list “Place”.

Step 1 : configuration

  1. Select the Dashboard type “Dashboard based on an item (mobile)”

  2. Select the list attached to the dashboard : this is the list containing the items for which you want to have the dashboard. Usually, this is the place list.

    Only one dashboard on item per list can be created.

  3. Now you can add the charts as usual !

Step 2 : specific requirement for the query

You only have to add one condition to your usual queries : WHERE item_id='$param1$'

You need to replace “item_id” by the id corresponding to the id of the item in your query. For example, if you selected a Place list, you need to find the corresponding place id in your query.
Let’s say the name of the field corresponding to the place id is named “place_selected__id”, you will write in the condition WHERE:

WHERE place_selected__id='$param1$'

N.B.: You can use the usual filters $teams_filter:..$, $date_filter:…$, $users_filter:…$ in your query

Web dashboard on item

Step 3 : view the dashboard

  • On Mobile, the dashboard will not appear in the general insights section

    • For the place list, it appears on the place card, KPI tab

    • For other items, it will appear after clicking on the item insight screen after clicking on the report icon when displaying the item in the expanded view

  • On the Web, the dashboard will appear in the expanded view. Search for the item you what to view it reports then click on “MORE“