With this feature, SMS with custom content and filtered queries can be automatically sent to phone numbers attributes in a list.

A query can display individualised data for the recipient. This can be used for example to display performance, loyalty status, etc for retailers, field vendors or customers.

How to set it up

In the Environment section, go to “Notifications”

  • Click on the + icon at the top right to create a new notification

  • On the pop-up menu please provide the following;

    • Notification title

    • Destination type - Select SMS

    • Body - The content of the SMS to be sent.

      • Include the queries to have a dynamic field

      • To insert queries, use this syntax $queryname$

      • To insert attributes from the list, use this syntax $tag$

    • List. The list on which there is a phone number attribute the SMS should be sent to

    • Phone Attribute. The specific phone number attribute

    • Frequency: Select at what frequency the report should be sent

    • Date range: On what date range the dashboard will apply, this week, this month, etc

    • Start date/time: when the notification should start

    • End date/time: When the notification should end

    • Queries: the actual queries to display. Each query is defined with a tag and a name
      Attributes from the list can be used in the queries with this syntax : $tag$

Once you have defined the above, click on CREATE at the bottom left to save.