The Geo tracking feature enables to follow where the mobile user is going during his working day

How it works

Every 15 minutes, the location of the mobile user is captured, even if his data connectivity is switched off.

For real-time GPS Tracking/monitoring, a user should have the internet connection switched on, otherwise, the logs will be stored on the phone and then uploaded to the server once back online.

How to view and read the GPS tracking report

For easier interpretation of this report, it's better to view one user per date.

The report can be filtered by:

  • date

  • user

  • team

  • team label

  • team level

To view the tracks/path taken, select your user and date and then click on the profile icon so as to be able to view the tracks and the timeline of all activities done by the user during the day.

Each red dot(GPS icons) shows a place where the user has checked in and checked out.

The number shows in what order the place was visited during the day

The green flag shows the start of the day, while the red flag shows the end of the day

The timeline on the right shows all activities from the user.

Clicking on “Show matching routes” shows the route followed

  1. To view more details about the place, click on the GPS pin on the map OR click on View customer on the legend(at the right side of the page).

  2. To view more details on what was submitted for the place, click on View activity on the legend(at the right side of the page).