FieldPro reports are found on the Dashboards tab of the WebApp. Once you have opened the Dashboards tab, you will see folders containing the reports.

Reports are grouped in different folders based on their nature and content. To view the reports;

View reports

  • Click on the dashboards tab to open.

  • Click on the folder with the report you want to view.

  • Once you have opened the folder, click on the report.

Download in pdf file

You can download/export a report in pdf format if you want to view it offline, ensure you have selected the right filters (Date, team, users, or level) then click on the download pdf button at the top right (Directly opposite the filters).

Download in excel/csv file

For further analysis or scrutiny of any report you have an option to export it on an excel/CSV file, this is only available for each chart and not for the whole page as it is on the pdf download.
To download, click on the download button at the top right of the chart.

If the data request for a table/matrix component is too big and causes a timeout, you get an option to receive the raw excel data by email instead.