This page presents you with the journey to start using FieldPro as a company.

Definition of the main terms

  • Deployment: the process of configuring your environment in line with your needs

  • Environment: the space in which you operate. It is a distinct entity with all your workflows, users, dashboards, lists, etc

  • Onboarding: the period during which the system is tested and configured with dummy data and adjustments still made

  • Go live: the ceremony to start using FieldPro for real, in production with live data. It happens once the trial is over. This event triggers the billing.

  • Customer Success Officer: the person who will be your main point of contact during the environment deployment and onboarding phases. They will support you in using the solution through regular communication.

How does the deployment phase happen

After you have finalized the discussion with the sales person and signed the contract on Pandadoc, the deployment phase starts.

During this phase, you are helped by an Operations Officer who has expert knowledge of all the possibilities of FieldPro and who advises you on how to make the most of the solution based on your needs.

The Operations Officer will be in charge of:

  1. Setting up your environment and testing it during the Trial phase

  2. Training you so that you can fully understand how to manage your environment

  3. Taking you up to the Go Live once you are satisfied with the configuration

There are several milestones during the deployment phase:

  • Milestone 1: FieldPro SaaS contract signed electronically. This makes the set up phase start

  • Milestone 2: Go Live. If all the tests are conclusive, the environment is taken to production with a live usage

How long does the deployment take on FieldPro?

Once we have received all the inputs from you in a clear way, as per the templates, we need up to two weeks on average to be able to share a testable version of the mobile and web applications.

On this page, we list all the information required.

The Operations Officer will be in touch to request from you all the input data required to be shared in a Google Drive folder or by email.

It is a good practice that you appoint a Single Point of Contact for the deployment that can gather all the requirements and be trained on the system.

It should be someone with both a sales and IT background, who can understand how to structure the environment.

What historical data can we retrieve?

We can load on the system the following information:

  • list of customers

  • list of products

  • list of assets

But we can’t load the previous sales data


Once your environment is fully deployed, the Operations Officer will help you get started on the solution through a mix of training webinars and custom training.

You will have access to the following webinars

  1. Web App. To get started on how to use the web portal to manage your users, clients, etc

  2. Dashboard. To help you view your data on the reporting dashboards, export the data, etc

  3. Mobile App. To take you through the functionalities of the app for the mobile users

  4. Support. To help you on the process to submit a request through the portal, view the answer, etc

In parallel, custom training will be organized in a video conference for the specifics of your environment.

What happens after the deployment?

Once everything is set up as per your needs, we will close the trial period and activate the Go Live.

After the Go Live:

  • the pilot data is erased, the environment is cleaned

  • the billing subscription starts, you have 30 days to pay your first invoice automatically generated. Failure to pay will lead to account suspension. The next invoices are sent 15 days ahead of the subscription renewal.

  • any request needs to be sent through our support channels, as detailed here

  • any significant change in terms of workflow and dashboards will be considered a new feature and charged

  • you will have monthly reviews with your account manager for refresher training, updates about new features, get your feedback, etc