In this page, we detail how we categorize the different requests and when you can expect a response from us.

Request types

  • Bug: Something not working as it should

  • Support: A small change request on the existing configuration or need for assistance.

  • New Feature: A major change request or configuration change.

What qualifies as a bug?

  • A technical glitch preventing users from using the mobile or web app

  • An unexpected behavior of the system

  • A deviation from the agreed initial scope of the deployment

What qualifies as a support request?

  • New option for an existing question

  • New picture question in a workflow

  • Helping with the change of items assigned

What qualifies as a new feature?

  • New a list attribute, new options to list attribute

  • Changing the list scope, Team levels, and labels

  • New dashboards

  • New workflow

  • New questions in a workflow which implies complex reporting updates, such as a matrix

  • New feature development on the mobile or web app

New feature are Change Request that require specific man days of work, charged at the following rates:

  • 1 Man day= 400 USD

  • 5 Man days = 1,500 USD

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

As part of the subscription contracts signed to access the FieldPro services, we commit to responding within certain timelines to the requests received.

  • First response Time: 12 hours

  • Resolution: 40 hours

Applicable time: 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday

Our SLAs only apply after the Go Live