Database size

As a client you are entitled with a database allowance of:

  • 1m lines for the logs table

  • 1m lines for the activity reports table

The size of the database is displayed in your environment in full transparency.

When 80% of the threshold is reached an alert will be sent providing you with 2 options:

  • purchase of additional capacity

    • raising the threshold to 5m lines for each table = 1,000€ / year

    • raising the threshold to 15m lines for each table= 2,500€ / year

    • we increase the capacity accordingly after receiving the corresponding payment

  • no action, we delete the oldest activity reports and all their related data (workflow report, upload, transformation logs, etc).

Database back ups

We perform monthly backups of all the data, that are kept forever.


  • Pictures related to a submission are kept for 3 months, then archived, then deleted after 2 years

  • Pictures related to an item are always kept


  • Logs necessary to build dashboards are kept forever, within the database capacity

  • Other logs are deleted after 3 months

Activity reports / Submissions

  • They are kept without limit of time, within the database capacity

Client Archive and Deletion

  • After 2 years a client in archived state is permanently deleted