Once you receive your credentials via email follow this next guide to start your journey in field force automation.

I. Access to applications

After registering to FieldPro https://fieldproapp.com/ , you must have received by email your credentials to connect to the mobile app & the web app.  We will explain below how to connect to both applications.

1. Web application

With the credentials you received, open https://web.fieldproapp.com/ . Fill in with the email you registered with and the password we have sent you to connect.

You have now access to the Web Application!

2. Mobile Application

Our mobile App is an Android App. To connect to the Mobile application:

  • Go to Android PlayStore

  • Look for FieldPro

  • Download it

  • Open it

  • Fill in with

    • Country

    • Phone number you registered with

  • Enter the verification code you just received by SMS

  • Grant permissions

You have now access to the Mobile Application!

Our mobile app "FieldPro" works on all Android phones version 5.0 or above, with high accuracy GPS and 1Gb of RAM

II. User creation

Once connected to the web application with the credentials you received by email, you will be able to create some users both on the mobile app and web app, to give your team members access to the different applications. 

1. Mobile users

To have access to the mobile application, the user must be first created and licensed on the web application by the manager.

Here is the procedure to follow to create the mobile access:

  • Mobile users tab: 

    • Create the user (first name, last name, phone number)

  • Licence the mobile user

  • Teams tab: 

    • Add a team using the + button on the top right hand  

    • Create one or several teams

    • Select “Light Visit” as a Workflow in the bottom

    • Put the mobile user(s) in the right team to give him access to the workflow

For the mobile users to connect, refer to I. Access to Applications.

2. Web users

To have access to the web application, the user must be first created on the web application by the manager.

In Web users tab: Create the user (first name, last name, email address) and choose the right team at the bottom (in the “Teams he belongs to section)

Now, all your team members have access to the applications and can start using them.

III. General configuration

1. Scope of the customers list

As every field team works differently, you can choose how your customers will be assigned. Automatically (as it’s the most common), the configuration has been done to assign the customers to one user. If you would prefer to assign your customers to one team instead of one user, we can make the change for you.

  • If the assignation is by user: The mobile users only see the customers assigned to them. I.e one customer will be visible by one and only one mobile user.

  • If the assignation is by team: The mobile user will only see the customers assigned to the team he belongs to. I.e a customer will belong to a team and will be accessible by all the members of this team.

2. Customers segmentation

When you filled out the form on our website, we asked you to give us your customer types, that will help us to provide an analysis of the performance by customer type (see next section User Guide).

If your segmentation changes, or if you want to add some customer types, we can make the change for you.

IV. Support

We provide support through different channels:

The detailed process is explained in this article:https://help.fieldproapp.com/get-started/How-to-log-a-ticket.501481525.html

We commit to the following Service Level Agreements:

  • First Response Time: 24 hours

  • Resolution: 5 business days

Applicable working hours: Monday to Friday. 9.00am to 5pm GMT.

You are now all set to start:

  • Using the applications 

  • Monitoring the activity and performance of your field team(s)

  • Managing your customers

  • Get 100% visibility over your field activities