The Starter Plan is our entry and most affordable package. It’s designed for companies struggling in managing and tracking their day-to-day field force activities. 

We created it to help directors/analysts to get full visibility on the activity of their field people at a really low price.  It allows them to know exactly:

  • If the field team is working (efficiently)

  • Where they are going

  • What customers they are visiting

  • Time worked and time spent with and between customers

  • If they manage to sell

You will find below a detailed description of:

  • The mobile application for the field team and the flow to use

  • The web application and all the data that the directors/analysts will get

The two applications work seamlessly together and are synchronized in real-time.

The Starter Plan is very easy to handle (as well the mobile app for field users as the web app for directors and analysts) and is the perfect entry to FieldPro and its advanced features.

The Starter Plan is also adapted to companies that need to build and/or clean and/or enrich their database of customers with all the information they need and follow the activity at the client level.