This page presents you with the journey to start using FieldPro as a company.

Pre-requisite for deployment #1

  • A single point of contact must be appointed on your side in order to oversee the deployment of the environment, and be trained on the system.

  • It should be someone with both a sales and IT background, who can understand how to structure the environment.

Pre-requisite for deployment #2

  • The deployment phase starts once the admin requirements have been fulfilled with the salesperson:

    • Payment of the deployment fees invoice

    • Signature of the SaaS subscription contract (for custom environments only)

How does the deployment phase happen?

= The environment is deployed as per one of the available templates provided, without any kind of modification.

  • Input data reception - Week 1
    Basic information needs to be provided:

    • Mobile and web users' information

    • List of customers (optional)

    • List of products

    • Custom list(s)

  • Environment deployment - Week 1
    The template environment is deployed for the users to test and be trained on.

  • Training sessions - Week 1
    Simple training and documentation are provided for the template environment that was deployed.

  • Go Live (Milestone) - Week 2
    Once the environment is deployed and validated, it is taken to production with live usage. The billed phase starts and the requests for adjustment outside of the defined scope are charged.

= The environment is tailored based on the needs of the client as no template environment would fulfill their needs.

  • Sales handover to the Customer Success Manager (Milestone 1) - Week 1
    A meeting will be scheduled for the salesperson to hand over the management of the deployment to a dedicated Customer Success Officer in charge of your account. He/she will be your main point of contact throughout the environment deployment, (pilot,) and live phases, and will help you to make the most of the solution.

  • Input data reception & scope validation - Week 1
    You will have to fill in a template file with the input data necessary to define the scope of the environment to be deployed. Once validated, the file has to be signed for the configuration to start.

  • Environment configuration, test, & validation - Weeks 2-3
    The Customer Success Manager will set up the environment based on the signed input data file, and run validation tests before communicating with you on its deployment.

  • KPIs definition & validation - Week 2-3
    A file detailing the KPIs to be developed and displayed in the application will be shared with you for review and validation. Once validated, the file has to be signed for the development to start.

  • Training sessions - Week 3-4
    A set of training sessions will be scheduled with your team(s) based on the Implementation Pack you have selected so you fully understand how to use and manage your environment.

  • Environment & dashboards validation - Week 3-4
    The environment and dashboards configured based on the validated inputs provided to us will be presented to you during the training sessions. However, adjustments can be made based on your feedback in order to respond to your needs. They will have to be finalized before the Go Live.

  • Pilot phase (optional) - Week 5 to 8
    A pilot phase of one month max. can be implemented for custom environments in order to validate the configuration and needs, and make some adjustments if needed.

  • Go Live (Milestone 2) - Week 4 or Week 8
    Once the environment is deployed and validated, it is taken to production with live usage. The billed phase starts and the requests for adjustment outside of the defined scope are charged.

In case the timelines are not respected, a Steering Committee can be scheduled in order to revise the deployment scope and next actions for both parties.

What historical data can we retrieve?

The following information can be uploaded to the system via our template file:

  • list of customers

  • list of products

  • custom lists

What happens after the deployment?

After the Go Live:

  • the pilot data is erased, the environment is cleaned

  • the billing subscription starts, you have 30 days to pay your first invoice automatically generated. Failure to pay will lead to account suspension. The next invoices are sent 15 days ahead of the subscription renewal.

  • any request needs to be sent through our support channels, as detailed here

  • any significant change in terms of workflow and dashboards will be considered a new feature and charged

  • based on the commercial plan selected, regular reviews will be scheduled with your Customer Success Officer in order to review the solution adoption, team(s) performance, to discuss changes and/or present new features.

Glossary - Definition of the main terms

  • Deployment: the process of configuring your environment based on the commercial plan and implementation pack selected

  • Environment: the space in which you operate. It is a distinct entity with all your workflows, users, dashboards, lists, etc.