The ticketing system helps us to better address your request/feedback in a more systematic manner and have you on copy of the progress and status of the request at all times. We have several ways of logging tickets with our ticketing system;

  • Send an email to see below how to;
    - Send one ticket for each issue faced
    - Provide enough information on the issue and the account of the experiencing the issue
    - Give a blow by blow description of how we can reproduce the issue
    - Attach screenshots and videos.

  • Click on the encircled “question mark” at the top right of the WebApp

question mark

-A drop down menu will appear. Then select “Contact Support

-You will be redirected to the Help Centre

  • Click on the 'contact us' button at the bottom right of the WebApp

  • Raising the issue through our FieldPro Help Center.
    You can easily raise an issue/log a ticket with us without necessarily registering with our ticketing system. However, to be able to follow up with the status of the raised issue/ticket through our help center you must first register with the ticketing system.

How to log a ticket

Please follow the below procedure on how to log a ticket / raise a request through our help center.

  1. Click on “Need to raise a request? Contact us“

  2. Select the category in which you what to raise the request.

  3. Input the Summary and the issue description then send. Don’t forget to attach files i.e screenshots and video clips (it gives more details).

You can raise a request/log a ticket without creating an account or logging into the Help Center page.

How to Register with FieldPro Help Center

  1. Click on this link to be redirected to the Help Center page -

  2. Once on the FieldPro help center, click on the login button at the top right.

  3. If you have an account input your email to sign in. if you don’t have an account click on Sign up

  4. Enter your email address to receive a sign-up link.

  5. Go to your email and click on sign-up to finish the set-up

  6. Enter your full names and choose the password that you will be using. After, click on Sign-up to complete.

How to log in

Once you have completed the sign-up, you will be redirected to the log-in page, input the email you just registered with the password you had chosen.

If you already had an account, input your email and password to log in.

How to check the status of your request

Once you have logged a ticket you will be able to follow its status (Waiting for support, escalated, solved, etc). You will also see at the top the number of requests/tickets you have logged.

Once your request has been resolved you will be notified and you can see the update on the status.