Based on the interaction we have had with the team, we have identified the below main challenges faced:


Challenge faced

Solution proposed


Users sometimes unknowingly apply filters on the list preventing them from viewing outlets on their list.

Clear the filters applied on the list to display all the outlets


Unable to Check-in

Users must be at the outlet to be able to Check-in and do their activities


No workflow available

Click on the Refresh icon at the top right


Unable to view my outlets on the Map View during the first visit

To be able to view outlet on the Map one has to Geotag them, tap on the three lines at the middle right to be redirected to the list where you will see all the outlets. 


Pending Submissions 

For submission to be uploaded successfully, users have to Check-out from their respective outlets once they have completed their activities.


I only see a magnifying glass on my list

For a long outlet/customer list, users are supposed to use the search option at the top right to search for the client they want to check-in to.


Unable to Check-in, the App says "No location found" 

To be able to check-in you must update location, please do tap on "UPDATE LOCATION" and Geotag the outlet (You must be at the outlet). 


Unable to Check-in, the App says "No Place Picture Found" 

To be able to Check-in you must capture the outlet outside the picture and the GPS Coordinates. Tap on "UPDATE PICTURE" and capture the outlet outside the picture. This will be updated only once during the first visit.