Once you have selected a Place, you view the Place details screen, with the picture and the key information of the Place.

To submit a workflow related to the Place, you have first to check-in by clicking on the check-in button (gps icon) on the middle left of the screen.

If your GPS locates you as within 100 meters of the Place, the check-in button will be in yellow, meaning you are allowed to check-in.

After checking-in successfully, the workflow selected will automatically open if you have only 1 workflow assigned, if not a list of available workflows will be shown for you to select the one to be filled.

Incase you started off from the map section, after checking in you will be presented with the workflows you can submit for this Place.

If you are farther than 100 meters away, the check-in button will remain in grey, you have to come closer to the Place.

Always remember to check out of the place once you are done with your activities/workflows of the place. This ensures successful upload of submissions and also allows you to check in to a new outlet. The checkout banner is shown on all the screens when checked-in to remind you to check-out.

The check-in can be set as either optional or mandatory in the client setup.