Mobile users have access to their place insights, these insights are KPIs of past visits and projection. Such insights help the user to plan well for the visit before the actual visit date. For instant, a user will see;

  • Previous sales value/quantities

  • Days since the last visit

  • Place activity status

  • Place debt status

  • Place drop size

How to display an expanded view of the place insights

As a mobile user, you are able to display an expanded view of the place insights and apply date filters like the general insights.

  • Search and click to open the card of the place you what to view it’s insights

  • Once on the place card, click on the small insights icon at the top right of the place picture next to the edit pen.

  • After clicking on the icon you will be redirected to the place expanded view, like below

How to generate customer statement

Mobile users can share these Place KPIs with their customers/clients by generating them in pdf format. Please follow the below procedure;

  • To be able to generate a customer statement WebApp Admin must first activate it on the client settings by ticking on the “is statement“

  • Search for the place you what to generate it’s statement then click on it to open, at the middle right below the picture you will see a yellow strip “Account statement”, click on it to generate.

  • Once you click on it, please select the channel that you want to send the statement through. You can seed through WhatsApp, Short message, Email, etc

  • A pdf statement like the below will be sent to the recipient selected through the selected communication channel (Email or WhatsApp).