Mobile users have access to their own automated KPIs. These KPIs help them to easily know how they are performing and where they need to improve.

To access insights, click on the Insights tab on the Mobile (Last tab).

All reports have filters on them, these filters helps you to narrow down to specifics that you what to see. For instance the Team Filter, Custom date Filter, Weeks and Months filters.

We have two types of Insights:

  • Activities

  • Dashboards

Activities are standard reports that captures items, Submissions and picture.

1. Items - Captures items created and items edited over a period of time (Filters applied)
2. Submissions - Captures total submissions made, Number of submissions per workflow and percentage of submissions per workflow (on a chart).
3. Pictures - Indicates the number of pictures taken over a selected period of time and also shows them. User can navigate the pictures and even click on them to view.

Dashboards are custom made reports are designed from the backend to suit the needs/daily usage of the Mobile users.