Our mobile app "FieldPro" works on all Android phones version 7.0 or above, with high accuracy GPS and 1Gb of RAM

  • On the Google Play Store, search for "FieldPro" or click on this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.optimetriks.smala&hl=eg

  • Click on the App to install it on your phone.

  • Enter your phone number or registered details to log in (The format for capturing the phone number/details is indicated in the watermark i.e. select the country, and enter your phone number).

  • Enter/allow the App to fill automatically the One Time Password received by SMS to log in

  • To properly use FeildPro, accept the permissions for:

  1. Camera - to take pictures

  2. Location - to capture GPS coordinates 

  3. Storage - to store pictures taken

Once you have given the App permissions, the App will start synchronizing. Please wait while everything is set up, it should take a few seconds/minutes to complete.