Our mobile application works fully offline. Once your environment is loaded, you can do everything without an Internet connection.

After submitting a workflow, if you are offline, it will appear under the "Pending" section. The summary/Recap banner on the Workflow shows you the number of drafts, pending, and synced submissions. The numbers are indicated in red small circles.

To sync a pending submission, click on the tab “PENDING” on the summary banner shown above, and then click on the sync icons-(round arrows inside a green circle at the bottom of the page or the round arrows at the top of the page).

The Tab on this page also lists and shows the number of synced, draft, and pending submissions. Pending submissions will be listed with a grey tick next to it, while synced submissions will have green ticks.

Always ensure you are checked out of the last place you visited, syncing any pending submissions. Otherwise, they won't be synced.

If it synced correctly, it will appear in the "Synced" section, with a green tick next to it. The Tab lists and shows the number of synced submissions.

NB: The Same logic for Pending list items.

In the background, the app does:

  1. Submissions sync every 50 mins, this limits the number of pending submissions.

  2. Master sync every 24 hours, this ensures that the items are all updated.