Workflows are the daily tools used to collect information when visiting a place. They are accessed after checking into a place incase the geo check in is mandatory, or immediately after clicking on the workflow picture / ”start a new submission” incase the geo-check in is not mandatory.

Filling a workflow is also known as making a submission, i.e. filling a workflow once=1 submission made, filling it 3times=3 submissions, etc.

To fill a workflow, simply input/provide information to the various fields/questions available and click on the submit icon once done. Examples of the information to be provided to the workflow questions are; pictures, dates, single choice, multiple choice, integers, ratings, open text/comments, products selection, etc.

Most workflows have 1 or more mandatory questions which must all be filled before you are able to submit your work. These mandatory questions have asterisks/stars for easy identification.

After filling your workflow, take note of the submit icon/banner. i.e.

GREY COLOR =not all the mandatory questions have been filled, you will not be able to submit

YELLOW COLOR =all mandatory questions have been filled, you will be able to submit.

How to fill a matrix

Matrix questions are made of items with their description and categories. These items are usually different products in their respective categories, quantity, price, packaging, etc. They can be navigated through the categories tab.

To fill a matrix click on the relevant category, select your item, fill in the required information, and validate. Repeat the process for all the items you want to fill.

Filled items usually have green ticks at the top right of their pictures.

Once done, you will have a recap display of the items selected and the information captured.

How to edit a matrix

To edit a matrix, click on the edit/pen icon located next to the item filled. You can then select the item you want to edit and change the information, or you can remove items previously filled by clicking on the delete icon at the top left of the item picture.