View tasks

Tasks originate from task-generating workflows and should be completed within the stipulated time.

The number of pending tasks is always indicated in red on the tasks tab. To view your tasks, click on the tab “TASK” at the bottom of your homepage screen. A page with all the pending, completed, and expired tasks will be opened. To view, click on your task of choice.

Complete tasks

To complete a task, click on the desired pending task as outlined above, fill in all the required information, and click on submit. All completed tasks are moved from the Pending tab to the completed tab.

In case the task is a delivery, always remember to confirm if the products ordered are the ones being delivered. To do that, click on the field for products ordered and validate them if okay.

View sync status

Sync status of a task is displayed by tick icons at the far right end of the task;

  • Green tick - Your tasks have been sync successfully

  • Dark tick - Submitted but not synced

  • Red tick - Error, not summited

Edit a task

After completing a task, you might notice that you made an error on one or more entries. Its now possible for you to edit and correct your task entries. However, the right to edit has to be granted by your admin/supervisor on the web app.

Only a complete task can be edited

To edit a task;

  1. Go to the tab for completed tasks, click on the task you want to edit, and then on the edit icon at the top right of the screen. On the yellow banner that pops up at the bottom of the page, click on EDIT, to confirm that you want to edit.

2. Edit your fields of interest, and click on submit once done.