Places created when a user is working offline or is having a poor network connection remain un-synced till there is a good connection. Also, items created but not saved remain as drafts awaiting the user to complete and save them.

These un-synced/draft places might not be available on the map the next time you want to check in to them. Therefore Its always good to ensure the places you create are successfully synced into the list and are not in the drafts section.

You should not Check-in or make submissions for items that have a sync error or those that are in drafts.

Submissions made on such items (un-synced or drafts) won’t have a place attached to them in the database hence affecting data credibility.

To view the status of a place;

  1. Click on your list tab on the mobile app

  2. The listing tab has three sections;

    1. Items - These are items sync/saved successfully

    2. Drafts - These are items created but not completed/saved.

    3. Pending - These are items saved locally on the phone awaiting connection so that they can be uploaded to the database.

The color of the ticks next to the place searched for indicates its sync status. i.e.

PENDING =grey tick

SYNCED =green tick