Version 2.14.2

Release date: 21/09/2021


FP-501 Transformation tables stuck in validation

FP-494 Issue on Stacked Bar Chart - empty space displayed above the x axis

FP-461 SC on list attribute does not display when I create an item

FP-453 Issue with colors circles logic on places map

FP-418 Align time zones on GPS tracking


FP-279 Have other logic than DEFAULT_UPSERT in the stream section

FP-260 As a mobile user, I can fill a workflow whose values are used to create a Freshdesk request through an API integration

FP-244 As a data vis, I would like to have mobile insights filtered by the partition

FP-238 As a web user, I can push custom SMS notifications

Version 2.14.1

Release date: 16/09/2021


FP-417 Error on large Bulk Archive Operation

FP-389 Statement dashboard appearing on the item expanded view on web

FP-232 Error in refreshing a table N-1 should not update the last_updated_at of table N

FP-230 Selecting 1 day on the webapp filters out all the data with date and not timestamp fields

FP-228 Impossibility to license a new mobile user in the web app whereas not all the licenses available have been assigned

FP-227 When creating a client, my email credentials fill the dashboards fields

FP-226 Owner label field for an item is not displaying when list is in scope single mobile user

FP-224 On the webapp, I can't remove a users from several teams from the label section if one of the teams is archived. (Not a blocking point)

FP-223 Place pictures do not appear in the expanded view in the GPS tracking

FP-222 Failed bulk edit on large list for - no error/success message

FP-220 [WEB] Item names stay blank after creating them, need to refresh to make them appear

FP-219 Information get errased when changing the tab in client create/edit modal

FP-217 For Single Choice Team Labels, Labels should be displayed not options tags(v2 + v3)

FP-215 Issue when option "grouped" is selected on stacked bar chart

FP-214 Calculated attributes are not updated


FP-420 Force SKU question tag to be shareable

FP-403 [V3] Add built-in jobs in the workflow builder

FP-382 I should be able to edit parameters without deleting/recreating the transformation table

FP-361 As a web user, I should not be forced to edit a list attribute that is mandatory, when there is a condition on it

FP-296 Data Component Pie Chart (v2+v3)

FP-294 Add team filter on standard Web User report activity

FP-293 Show an icon that the list attribute is locked

FP-292 When we have submissions / logs with date fields / bi_timestamp in the future, take the date of the day to avoid having values in the future

FP-291 GPS tracking dashboard should be on level 1 of the dashboard section

FP-284 Show all sub section on summary in the environment section (v2)

FP-283 As a web user, I can view more information on customer profile and activity done in the geo tracking timeline

FP-281 Labels are not displaying correctly on horizontal bar charts

FP-280 Full revamp of the job access rights (v3)

FP-272 As a web user, I should be able to create a workflow (MVP)

FP-268 Weekly / monthly KPIs graphs in the recap dashboards on the web app to display the data for the current week / month

FP-249 As a web user, I should be able to define all v2 jobs (v3)

FP-248 As a web user, I should be able to define a timer (v3)

FP-245 As a data vis, I would like to force the backtrack time for standard tables

FP-241 As a web user, I would like to have an automated report for mobile dashboards usage tracking

FP-240 As a web admin user, I cannot edit the name of a web profile or delete it if there is a web user attached to it

Version 2.14.0

Release date: 16/07/2021

Version 2.13.0

Release date: 15/06/2021

Version 2.12.0

Release date: 07/07/2021

Version 2.11.0

Release date: 10/02/2021

Version 2.10.0

Release date: 16/12/2020

  • New and cleaner geo-tracking interface with a timeline on the right showing the detailed activities of the field user during the day. KB

  • New Place Map interface with clustering of places for easier navigation and more details on the place selected. KB

  • Automated identification of duplicates in the list. This is to enable you to find duplicated items on the attributes you pick. You can also define any attribute as unique so that the mobile user can only create one item with this attribute value, this is useful to avoid having many items with the same phone numbers or agent code, etc that need to serve as primary keys. KB

  • New filters. This is a major upgrade on the ability to better filter and search accross the various sections of the app. KB

  • New bulk functions: bulk delete, bulk empty values of an item attribute, bulk assignment, etc.

  • Be able to define a specific view for the workflow submission by adding more columns to be displayed. This is to help you track in real time from the web application the workflow submissions and control them. The values to display or be filtered are custom and defined by an SQL query. 

  • Download dashboard in pdf. KB

  • Filter the Places map with different legends. Last visit date, user who last visited it and Place type. KB 

  • New list attributes: dynamically calculated from SQL queries, list within a list. KB

  • Define for each workflow question the single choice attribute to be used as the category header in the matrix question. So that the matrix can be displayed with different headers for the products. KB

  • View in the user section the app version and last synchro date. KB

  • Be able to define sub total in matrix

  • Define a unique login so that each mobile user can only be logged once. KB

  • Compact / expanded view of the list items. We now only display the attributes marked as important in the compact view. To view all items attributes and be able to edit / archive them, you need to go to the expanded view. KB

  • Web user roles to access the dashboards. Roles serve to differentiate the access to the web dashboards, so that even if two web users are in the same team, they might not have access to the same dashboards. This is useful to protect data confidentiality. KB

  • Matrix component. This is a powerful data visualisation brick to be able to represent a table in multiple dimensions in terms of hierarchy levels or product categories. To set this up, please liaise to your account manager.