Version 2.15.20 - mobile


Replace "Pull data" with "Refresh data" in the settings section

As a mobile user, there is an automated pull of the task every 30mn and I can view the last sync date

As a mobile user, I can't use an app faking my GPS location

As a mobile user, the master sync happens more in the background

As a mobile user, I can display documents by folder

Version 2.15.16 - mobile


As a mobile user, the master sync icon is displayed on the task header row

[V2] As a web user, I can disable the manual input of a Scanner field

[V2] - As a mobile user, in the settings section, the QR code next to the profile section displays

Version 2.15.15 - mobile


Remove the master sync icon from the main page and move it to the settings page

As a mobile user, I should be able to see the completion date of my completed tasks

Version 2.14.23 - mobile

Release: 04/10/2021

Version 2.14.20

Released 07/09/2021


FP-301 Align the design for SC with many options and compute questions - new green

FP-295 Have a comma separator for the thousands on mobile insights

FP-289 As a mobile user, the compute details screen should expand to show all the lines involved

FP-237 As a mobile user, I should not be able to archive an item that has not been synced already

Version 2.14

Released 07/07/2021

Version 2.13

Released 07/06/2021

Version 2.12

Released 07/04/2021

Version 2.11

Released 10/02/2021

  • Custom notifications per client

  • Select the time period for the insights

  • Search by important attributes

  • Define conditions on list attributes

  • Filter Places that have not been visited

  • Recap view of the items in the matrix

  • Easier duplication flow for a submission

Version 2.10

Released 10/12/2021

  • The ability for any field user to sign up directly to access a demo environment, without being registered. This can be accessed by clicking on "not registered yet?" on the login page. KB

  • The ability to search any list item on all attributes marked as important. Before the search function would only apply to the item title. Remember you can customize the item attributes your define as important so they appear in the item card and can be searchable. KB

  • Force the mobile user to fill in Place attributes that have been defined as mandatory after the check-in. Until now, only the outside picture and GPS location were mandatory fields to fill after a first check-in. Now even if the Places are already created, by defining an attribute as mandatory-you can ensure the mobile user will have to fill it before being able to check-in and do a submission for this Place. This is very useful to ensure your lists are well filled. KB

  • Be able to generate a duplicate from a previously completed submission. This is to save time for the mobile user so that he can replicate the data that has been filled for a previous submission, for example, if the sales value in the items matrix is the same. Pictures will not be replicated. KB

  • Automatic log out of a mobile user who is unlicenced if he syncs. KB

  • Display on one single page all the Place attributes in the Place details view. Also, an attribute with empty values will not show. KB

  • Clearer display of all the steps in loading the environment. This is to help be clearer for the user and better understand if there is an issue in the sync process. KB

  •  Be able to view the calculated attributes of a list item and filter with them. Calculated attributes are attributes that get updated with an SQL query based on the value of other workflows, and that can be used for example to define the customer status automatically, the payment due, etc. To put that in place, please get in touch with us. KB

  • A new data visualisation component for the mobile insights: table component. It helps better visualize data on several lines and columns. KB