Dashboards is a section on the Webapp where reports are contained. They are accessed by clicking on the dashboard icon at the left panel of the web app. This is the icon that looks like a Graph, and its the 1st icon on the left panel.

Introduction to the dashboards (Custom, Standard, folders)

1. Folders

All reports are stored inside their respective folders. Each folder has a unique name, a description and a column indicating the number of charts or reports available in the folder.

2. Standard reports.

This are reports automatically generated by the system for all clients. They are available on both the Mobile and web applications and helps users & client to monitor adoption and usage.

3. Custom reports

This are reports that are created as per clients' requests on the KPIs they want to track. They can be available both on mobile and web application depending on their nature/content.

This page contains articles on various sections/operations available on our Dashboards, broken down into;