This page contains articles on various sections/operations available on our web application. To have a smooth and perfect view of the application, using a PC is highly recommended.

Quick tour of the web app(introduction of all the tabs of the web app)

1. Dashboards

A page containing all the reports developed and stored in respective folders. Users can filter, view or download their desired reports.

2. Users

A page contained a list of all Web and Mobile users. Other information available include Teams, last syncro, roles, app version, etc. The list are downloadable

3. Teams

A page containing all the teams created. Workflows/users can be add or removed from the teams using this section.

4. Workflows

A page containing all workflows developed. Users can view and download raw submission data for each workflow in this section.

5. Lists

A page containing all lists created. User can open and view items in the list, archive or add new items, and also download the list of items.

6. Pictures

A page containing all pictures captured from the workflow or list questions. Users can View, filter or download pictures.

7. Places

A page containing all the places/customers with their GPS locations on a map.

8. Documents

A page containing all documents uploading for mobile app users. New documents can be added and assigned to respective teams, or old documents removed.

9. Environment

A page containing key sections on which users can do a quick check on their environment. Eg. Number of items per user/team, number of user per team, number of un-assigned items, etc.

10. App version

Information on the current webapp version. Its important as major bug fixes and improvements are done on the webapp from time to time, hence the need to be on the most current version.

11. Give us feedback

Clicking on the icon enables one to send feedback to Optimetriks on bugs/issue on the web app, new ideas or any other feedback.

12. Language

Clicking on the icon enables one to change the WebApp language to English, French, or Spanish.

13. Refresh

Clicking on the icon enables the WebApp to refresh so as to take effect of any changes or avoid buggy displays.

14. Contact Support

Clicking on the icon opens the ticketing system, enabling a user to send a support ticket to Optimetriks.

15. Profile/account

A page enabling the user to view his/her profile information, change their password, get a direct link to download the mobile application, or get Database credentials.

16. Notifications

A page showing all the notifications pushed to the web application. The number of notifications are indicated in red, next to the icon.

17. Contact us

A page enabling a web user to contact Optimetriks for any queries, or challenge faced.

Note: The training on the web application have been broken down into three levels below;