This checklist helps listing all the steps that need to be done when setting up a client.

Each section is differentiated by a tab. e.g. Main, Dashboard, Teams, Users, Submissions, Billing.

Setting up the client

Inputs to provide

  • Max date of going back. It determines the date after which the query will not go beyond. This is to limit the volume of data queried. Input the date as YYYY/MM/DD, like 2020/12/22 for December 22nd, 2020.
  • Include Module
  • GPS tracker. To enable the location reporting of the mobile app user. If activated, specify the days and hours.

  • Geo check in. To enable to have a place list and the ability to check in the place. Once the module is activated, it can be either mandatory or optional.

    • If mandatory, the mobile user GPS location needs to be within 250 meters of the Place location to be able to check in and fill a workflow.

    • if optional, the mobile user can check in the Place regardless of his location


  • Pilot

  • Go Live. This is done by clicking on the go live button in the client configuration. This will have the consequence of permanently deleting:

    • archived workflow

    • archived list

    • archived items

    • archived teams

    • deleted SC and MC attribute options

    • deleted questions in the workflows

    • deleted list attribute

    • deleted sub questions in a matrix


Refer to this page on all the parameters to define for a list.

  • List schema
  • List scope
  • Mobile & WebApp user access
  • Attribute to use as Category and title
  • Picture to Display
  • Important attributes and Attributes to use as filters
  • List calculated attributes

Dashboards / Insights

  • Create dashboard folders
  • Create web dashboards
  • Create place insights/activity
  • User insights

Users / Teams

Refer to these pages:

  • Create WebApp & Mobile users,
  • License Mobile Users and assign them to their corresponding teams
  • Add workflows, WebApp users to teams


  • Upload documents and share with the teams