Create an item

Click on the (+) sign and fill in all the attributes that have been defined in the list structure.

For items that are of type “Picture”, you have 2 options to fill data:

  • upload the picture

  • add the url of the image directly

If the attribute is of the type “single choice on list”, input the item id linked

Edit an item

Select the item and click on the pencil icon. An item can be edited on all its properties

pencil icon

Archive an item

Select the item and click on the archive icon.

archive icon

View an item

Click on the more button to display the item on an expanded window, you will see the following information:

More button

  • Item pictures

  • Item title

  • Item attributes

  • Item dashboard

  • Item meta data (creation / update date)

Display archived items

In the action menu, click on this option to view all archived items. An archived item will appear in light grey.

Restore an item

An archived item can be restored by clicking on the restore icon(blue).

Delete an item

An item can be deleted by clicking on the trash icon(red). Once it has been deleted, it can’t be restored.

Finding duplicates in a list

To easily find duplicates, open the list, click on the right menu, and select “Find duplicates”.

Then on the drop down, choose the attribute on which the duplicates need to be found and click on create. Any attribute can be picked.

Once the System is done populating the duplicates, you will see a pop up notification in green, on the top right of the page, indicating the total no of duplicates found.

All the items with duplicates will appear on the table, clicking on the download button at the top right will download/export only the duplicated items.

You can also prevent mobile users from creating or editing an item with a value that already exists for another item. To activate this turn on the Unique value toggle.

Create items in bulk

Bulk operations can also be done on the list items. This is done through the action menu which is accesses by clicking on the 3 dots at the far right of the page, next to the download icon.

Select the option in the action menu, fill in the template provided.

  • Make sure all the attributes defined as mandatory in the web app, have values.

  • All the single choice options should have attribute keys and not attribute names. Attribute keys should match what's provided on the options in the web app.

  • Location - In case you want to upload the GPS location of the items, ensure that you provide longitude, latitude, and GPS accuracy. (Separated by a comma i.e -0.2827345,36.0889535,10)

  • For multiple choice attributes, separate each option key with a ( , ) comma, so if the attributes can take 2 values, option1 and option2, it needs to be written like “option1,option2

  • For Pictures, you can add image urls directly into the relevant columns of the file, for upload.

Large Bulk operations will trigger a notification on the web app, saying that they will be run in the background. An email is sent when completed.



Edit items in bulk

Select the option in the action menu, fill in the template provided.

In the bulk edit file, no need to fill in all the columns, even if they are set as mandatory. Only the column which contains data will be updated

Specify the attributes that get edited or not

Assign items in bulk

Select the option in the action menu, fill in the template provided.

The existing ownerships will be removed during the bulk assign upload.

If the file contains the items A, B and C, the current ownerships of these items will be removed and they will be reassigned according to the information stored in the bulk assign file.

If the list is not in a single scope (single team or single mobile user scope), several teams or several mobile users can own the same item. In the bulk assign file, 1 row = 1 item, 1 owner.
If there are several owners for one same item, the file will contain several rows, 1 per owner.
For example, if Item A is owned by OwnerA and OwnerB, the file will contain the following rows:
Item ID, Team ID
ItemA, OwnerA
ItemA, OwnerB

Bulk Empty field values

If you want to remove the values that exist for an item attribute, put __CLEAR in the field of the bulk file, instead of the value of the attribute. As a result it will “clean” the value of this attribute and put it at 0.

This does not work for these attribute types:

  • Multiple choice

  • A single choice on list

How to edit single choice attributes

Single choice attributes have options on them and each option has an Attribute key and Attribute Answer.
When editing a single choice attribute, you fill in the column with the Attribute key and not the Attribute Answer. All the keys should be lower case and exactly match what’s on WebApp.

Edit Single choice on list attributes

A single choice on list attributes is a list inside a list, these lists are created to accommodate a large number of options for attributes such as routes.
A single choice on the list makes it easy for the users to add, filter, and edit the options which would not have been possible on a single choice attribute. There are two ways of editing a single choice on list attribute;

i) Single edit on the WebApp

ii) Bulk edit using a CSV file

i) Single edit on the WebApp

  • Open the list that you want to edit

  • Search for the item you want to edit on the main list

  • Click on the edit pen at the far right of the item

  • After clicking on the edit pen, please look for the single choice on list attribute that you want to edit i.e route

  • Click on the box to choose the option you want to capture on the item single choice on list attribute.

  • After selecting the right option, please click on SAVE at the bottom right to save your changes/edit.

ii) Bulk edit using a CSV file

  • Select the bulk edit option on the menu of the main list and download the template

  • On the single choice on the list attribute, add the id of the item in the list linked. You can download items from the child list in order to get the item ids.

  • Once you have filled in the single choice on list attributes with the right item IDs (from the child list), export it as a CSV and upload.

Archive items in bulk

Select the option in the action menu, fill in the template provided.

Delete items in bulk

Select the option in the action menu, fill in the template provided.

Download the list of items in Excel or CSV format

To download all the items in the list, click on the download arrow.

The download option/icon is only available if you have given access to download items.

  • If the list contains less than 5,000 non-archived items, the list will be downloaded on the web browser, with only the important attributes filled. The full list with all attributes filled will be sent by email

  • if the list contains more than 5,000 items, a link for the downloaded list will be sent by email with all attributes.

On the email, you will also receive a link to a KB article explaining the structure of a list and how to manage list items

If you apply filters to the list, only the filtered list will be downloaded.

A downloaded list will have the below structure:

  • _id - backed item id

  • short name - name of the attribute key

  • name - attribute name as defined on the WebApp

  • required - defines if an attribute is compulsory

  • type - attribute type i.e Input text, integer, or single choice

  • option - options for the single choice attribute

  • validation - rule applied to the attribute to restrict what the mobile user can input

  • validation_text - Validation error message

  • is_hidden - Indicates if an attribute is visible to the mobile user or not

View and Filter list based on calculated attributes

List calculated attributes are attributes automatically updated based on the place activity. They are updated in the list based on SQL queries. For example, a place status can change from inactive to active once a visit has been made or debt-free once they have cleared their debts or Passive to Lead once they have made an order.

As a mobile user, you can filter your list/place items based on this list of calculated attributes.