Route management is the planning and optimization of routes for the field team. Route management can help the field team improve on their visit efficiency and coverage. Route management reports helps the management to have a clear view of the visits in respect of their routes.

FieldPro system has two ways of route planning:

  • Route plan defined by the Mobile user through a workflow.

  • Route plan defined by the management through list attribute.

Workflow route planning (Done by the Mobile User)

Route plan workflow is a simple workflow that the field team use weekly/monthly to plan for their field visits/routes for a stipulated time period i.e weekly.

Before beginning the visits, a user should fill in all the places to visit for that week/month. Then assign them to their supervisor for approval. A supervisor can add/remove some of the places selected to fit the route plan, then validate.

After the plan has been validated. It automatically updates an attribute in the place list “Visit day“. Here, each place selected on the different days is updated by the “visit day” which the user set or the supervisor validated.

Once the attribute has been updated. The user can apply a filter feature to filter for places to be visited in a stipulated time. The filter will show the places (With details i.e Phone number, GPS and location) that were selected or validated.

List attribute route planning (Done by Management)

The route can also be planned through uploading places with a pre-filled attribute “Visit Day“. Therefore, places visited by the user will have a pre-filled “Visit Day” of the week. They don’t have to use a workflow in order to set or plan.

Once the attribute has been created on the place list. The user can go ahead and apply the filter on the map, to get the places planned to be visited on a specified date /day.

Route plan compliance report

Management / WebApp users get interactive Route plan compliance reports based on the visits and routes taken during the visits. Some of the KPIs provided are;

  • Clients planned vice a vie visited

  • Visits made vice a vie unique visits

  • Percentage compliance score

  • Planned coverage

  • Clients visited but not planned on the route

  • Archived coverage