Go to the section “Pictures”

You will see the latest pictures taken by the mobile or web users, either:

  • related to a workflow submission

  • or related to a list item with item attributes of the type “picture”

View Pictures

Clicking on a picture displays it in full screen and allows you to see on the right more information related to it, such as:

  • Timestamp

  • User

  • Related Workflow question / List item 

You can navigate through the pictures using the navigation arrows.

Filter Pictures

You can filter the pictures with these dimensions:

  • Date

  • Team / Team Level / Team Label

  • Workflow and Workflow picture question  

  • User

  • List

  • Place

You can also sort the photos in ascending or descending order by clicking the arrow on the tabs listed below, all found on the Top-left panel of the pictures tab.

  • By Date

  • By User

  • By Tag (workflow question or list attribute)

Download Pictures

Click on the download icon on the top-right of the pictures window, to download all the pictures in a zipped file.

You cannot export more than 1,000 pictures at a time

To Download specific picture(s), click on the picture to view Picture information (Timestamp, List Name, Item Name). On the information page, you have a download button at the top right corner.